Kunekunes for Sale

Purebred Registered Kunekune Piglets Available

We have two litters available. They will be weaned and ready for pick up March/April 2022. 

Adult Kunekune pigs can vary considerably in size/weight. Our 2 sows and the boar are on the larger side (probably 250-350 lbs)

$850/piglet registered

Please call if interested


(attached picture are of previous years piglets, not of current ones forsale)

4 gilts (girls) to choose from

This litter is now 8 weeks old as of March 22. All are healthy and chunky. 

$850/piglet registered. 

11 week old gilt (girl)

This girl is from our second litter. She is brown/black and white. Double wattled. 

11 weeks old. $850 registered

2 barrows (castrated boys)

We have 2 barrows available. Beautiful colours, friendly and healthy. Perfect as hobby farm pets or pasture raise for the table. 

They are 11 weeks old as of March 23 and ready to go. $350/piglet