Deeply Rooted Farm & Kunekune Pigs

Deeply Rooted Farm has been a dream of ours for over a decade. That dream (now a reality) is located north west of London Ontario on a quiet gravel road in the beautiful farming community of North Middlesex. We want to raise our son and animals as naturally as possible out of concerns about the usage of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and hormones in modern farming practices.

So we were only interested in tough, heritage breeds that could be raised out doors on pasture with little to no other Inputs other that excess garden vegetables and hay. We were also only interested in breeds that require little to no antibiotics and human intervention with birthing and raising of offspring.

After alot of research, only two breeds checked all of the boxes for us. The Kunekune pig and Dexter cows.

Both the Kunekune pig and Dexter cow are a smaller, more manageable sized heritage breed that excel on pasture.

The size of both breeds were an important factor in our decision as they are easier to handle, cause less damage to fences and fields (less compaction to soil), require less space both in fields and buildings and are easier to transport.

We are also exploring pasture raised meat rabbits, ducks, laying hens and meat chickens.