dexter cattle

Dexter Cattle

Dexter cattle are a small, heritage, dual purpose breed known for there hardiness, gentle nature, high meat and milk quality, and calving ease. They can also be trained for yoke work if desired, making them a triple purpose breed. Dexters average 36-44 inches high and weigh 700-900lbs making them perfect for first time owners or for the homestead and hobby farmer.

This breed is popular for many reasons. There size and calm demeanour makes them easier to handle compared to larger breeds. They require around half the feed but can be more efficient in converting to weight gain compared to larger breeds. These sturdy little cows do not require high quality feed, but are ideal for older or over-grown pastures, and will fatten on grass and hay alone.

Dexters are known to be easy calvers and great, attentive mothers. They tend to give 1 1/2- 2 gallons of milk a day which is much easier to digest because of its smaller fat globules compared to other breeds.

Dexter beef is tender with excellent flavour and normally dress out at about 60% of their live weight.

Dexters enjoy staying out on pasture year round and because of their lighter body weight, they have less impact on fields due to compaction. They are also quite compatable with smaller grazing livestock as well.

From time to time, we will have registered breeding cattle for sale as well as some calves for beef.