Kunekune Pigs

Kunekune pigs are a rare but very special and exciting heritage breed. Pronounced Cooney Cooney, there name means fat and round, and are considered a hairy pig. They come in many different colours and variations of black, white, ginger, brown and cream. The majority of them have tassels that hang off their lower jaw like a wattle.

Kunekunes have a personality very different from “commercial” pigs and other breeds of swine. They are a very social, friendly and intelligent animal that live an average of 10-20 years. They appreciate human contact, are affectionate, and will do anything for food and a good scratch. These pigs LOVE human company and will lay there as long as you are willing to scratch there belly.

One of the most interesting facts of Kunekunes is they are considered a “grazing pig” much like sheep and cattle, and will not damage or chew on trees like a goat will. They have a short, upturned snout (much shorter than most other breeds) so they tend not to root and damage your lawn or pasture, with exception to taproot weeds. They love dandelions and will eventually rid your pasture of them. Fencing requirements are minimal as they tend not to test fences and are very content were you put them as long as there is green grass to eat.

They get along well with other animals and other animals seem to accept them easily.

They are a smaller pig averaging 150-300 lbs, and measure around 24-30” tall.

Kunekunes have litters ranging from 4-8 on average and are very attentive mothers.This breed is truly a multi-purpose pig. It is a great option for farmers looking to market grass raised or high end organic pork, while in return will control weeds and eat excess farm produce.

They are great for apple or fruit orchards were you do not want your trees damaged, but will graze the grass and eat blow down and fallen fruit. Kunekunes make a great addition to any homestead looking to raise there own pork naturally, or simply as a pet.

We cannot say enough about this wonderful little breed. Anyone you talk with that have them will tell you the same, hence the reason we chose them for our farm. We are registered breeders of Kunekune pigs, and from time to time sell quality breeding stock, breeders for the homestead as well as pet pigs ideal for hobby farms.